My turn: Family time always fun

I love holidays that revolve around quality family fun time. This Independence Day holiday definitely turned out to be a memorable one for me.

The UFO Festival in Roswell had great music and other entertainment, such as a wine festival, a lot of souvenir stores and an alien costume contest. A boy around 5 or 6 years old got a well-deserved second place for the children’s contest because he dressed as a Transformer and actually transformed on stage. A sight I won’t soon forget.

Two of my friends dressed up as Men in Black, while a friend’s son and I dressed as aliens, so I also got the entertainment of having a fake gun fight in the middle of downtown Roswell.

I highly recommend the festival next year for those who have never been. It’s good family fun and not too long a drive from Portales.

The Clovis and Portales fireworks shows were both a success and fun as always with their live music, vendors and more. I got the pleasure of performing at the Clovis show and being chased around the park by a 6-year old with a giant inflatable hammer.

Ah, family fun. It’s always the best kind.