My turn: Journal delivers encouragement

This may sound strange but I have recently discovered how much fun it is to encourage others, whether you know them or not. It may not quite fall into the category of entertainment but it’s always fun nonetheless.

The mother of a friend of mine who lives out of town was recently battling cancer and feeling discouraged. As many cancer survivors as I know in Clovis and Portales, I was struck with the idea of buying a journal and filling it with encouraging messages from other cancer survivors.

I then passed the journal along to my friend for his mother. I have never met her and neither had the survivors who wrote in the book. But a journal campaign for the sake of encouragement was more fun then I ever would have guessed and my friend’s description of his mother’s reaction made it well worth it. I might just do more of these journal campaigns.

For actual entertainment that’s nearby, check out the annual cheeseburger festival and car show in Friona, Texas, this weekend. It’s an all-day event Saturday, starting at 7 a.m. at Friona City Park. There’s will be food, fun and a variety of vendors.