My turn: Blown away by possibilities

After reading the “Our Towns 2011” publication from Freedom New Mexico, I realized that Portales is ripe with tourist-destination potential.

How about an annual High Plains International Kite-Flying Fiesta? The Albuquerque International Balloon Festival would pale by comparison.

With our escape-velocity winds, enthusiasts from around the world could get listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in numerous categories:

“First Kite to Win Dog-Fight with Jet,” “Kite Traveling Longest Distance to Get Shot Down Over North Korea,” “First Kite to Cause Mass Hysteria in Roswell.” “First Kite to Leave Vapor Trail,” “First Kite to Dock with Space Station.”

Our gale-force winds and arid fairways could also bring in duffers from around the world to the Portales Country Club.

Even 140-pounders could drive the ball at least 300 yards (by air and land). Those troubled by hooks and slices could putt from anywhere.

With the wind-driven, tsunami-like waves in the club’s pool, it could be re-branded as the world’s smallest surfers’ paradise.

Local entrepreneurs could do a booming business selling the world’s smallest surfboards.

I don’t have space to get into combining windmills and bungee-jumping.

Suffice it to say that Super Save could greatly increase our tax base with just the aisle devoted to bandages and anti-acids.

Note to Chamber of Commerce: For a small commission, I’ve got plenty more where these came from.