Moms Gear: Dig around with gardening gloves that are made to last

Maggie O’Neill

Whether you’re putting new plants in your garden or pulling out stubborn weeds, you’ll find that the Women’s Bionic Blooms Gardening Gloves last much longer than cotton run-of-the-mill counterparts.

In all actuality, these fitted garden gloves resemble a fancy pair of driving gloves with their leather cushioning on the palms and Velcro closures at the wrists. It is OK to use them in the garden, and wearers will soon discover the close fit is a comfort as far as working and that the wrist closures help keep dirt and debris out.

The gloves are reportedly designed by a hand surgeon and that certainly comes through in the glove. Best of all, these gloves are terrific for their durability. That means when holes begin appearing in the fingertips of your cotton ones, these leather and spandex gloves are still going strong.

While you might feel these gloves should put you belong behind the wheel of a snazzy car instead of at work in your back yard, these gloves can provide you with an emboldened attitude when it comes to digging in the dirt.

The Women’s Bionic Blooms Gardening Gloves are available for $24.92 in various sizes and colors, including lime green, through