New mommy regrets: Readers talk about what they wish they’d done differently in those first sleep-deprived days

Caitlin Brody

Nobody likes regrets, but when you’re a new mom or dad and every day presents a new challenge, you’re bound to face a few fumbles. Here, users of sound off on the top things they wish they could change about their own parenting (cue Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time”). And don’t be so hard on yourself _ your little one won’t remember any of these new-mom blips (yes, really).

“I wish we would have taped the birth. I had my eyes closed from the pain, so I didn’t actually see him come out, which makes me sad.” _ JKB1986

“I haven’t made baby books for any of my three kids. Now, I don’t remember exactly what their first word was or when they first crawled or walked. I have tons of pictures but haven’t done anything with them _ I’m the worst procrastinator!” – UGAbride

“We named son number two Isaac but spelled it Izack. We didn’t care for the traditional spelling, but we do pronounce it the traditional way. Now, so many people pronounce his name as “I-Zack.” I understand why they do it, but it still really bothers me.” _ mlc92404

“When my little one crawled for the first time, I took a ton of photos. I wish I had taken a video, though, since DH was at work and didn’t get to experience it for himself.” – MrsJazzAirForceWife

“Babies are more receptive to bottle feedings in the second month than they are later in life, which I totally didn’t realize. I was so worried about messing with our breastfeeding mojo that by the time I was ready for baby to start drinking from a bottle, he refused! No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t get him to take one. He eventually caught on, but it was tough!” _ stella494

“I should have taken weekly bump pictures when I was pregnant to show LO where he came from.” – Legaleagles

“I regret not joining a new-mom support group sooner. I went back to work after 12 weeks, so I figured, why bother? But it’s so important to get that support right from the start.” – jgbump

“I regret not giving my first daughter a family name. Even though she’s almost two years old, I’ve seriously contemplated changing her name.” – ghm

“I take a ton of pictures, so all of my photos are with the baby and my husband. That means there are none of the baby and me! Pick up the camera, hubby!” _ bigalb25

“I regret thinking I’d need a big nursery and fancy, overpriced items to make my son happy.” _ @missmarchmommy

“If I could go back in time, I would give the baby my last name.” _@kelley248