My turn: Facebook groups to ‘Like’

Facebook users are constantly asked to join such groups as, “Press ‘Like’ if you think that Obama is the Antichrist,” or “Press ‘Like’ if you think that ‘333 X 2’ should not be taught in public school higher math classes.”

Here are some local Facebook groups that I’m inviting you to join.

• “Press ‘Like’ if you think that the Portales Rams should be spotted two touchdowns against the Clovis Wildcats.”

• “Press ‘Like’ if you think that Portales Animal Control should leave roving bands of cocker spaniels alone.”

• “Press ‘Like’ if you think that the Portales News-Tribune should have a weekly “Hottest Coed from College Night” centerfold.”

• “Press ‘Like’ if you think that Alisa Boswell’s entertainment column should cover Wal-Mart’s nightly fashion parade.”

• “Press ‘Like’ if you think that KTQM’s Grant McGee should enter the Tour de France on a surrey bike from his shop.”

• “Press ‘Like’ if you think that poker should be allowed at the Portales Country Club as long as no one bets on three 6’s.”

• “Press ‘Like’ if you think that Stripes should offer free coffee to inebriated midnight cowboys renting ‘Brokeback Mountain’ from Redbox.”

• “Press ‘Like’ if you think that gay-converter ministers should be bent, folded and mutilated — then shipped back to where they came from.”

• “Press ‘Like’ if you think that Roosevelt County churches should boycott columnists from east Texas.”