My turn: Not afraid to tell truth

Recently, several young people asked me if I ever inhaled. They wanted juicy details about my high school and college days. Instead of pleading the fifth, I told the whole truth and nothing but.

“Yes, I’ve inhaled,” I said. With no plans for an Oval Office run, I also admitted to exhaling, cigarettes that is, but sometimes loco weed.

Being a journalist, not one to turn up a good story; and also being an instructor, not one to miss a “teachable” moment, my reply was actually a “Yes, but …”

My exciting tell-all turned into a story that sounded like the Montgomery Gentry country music song, “Lord, I’m learning so much more than back when I knew it all.”

We Generation Xers (40 somethings) shouldn’t hold back on details about our younger days because we fear what our children will think. They need to know we weren’t perfect and learned things through old-fashioned trial and error.

On a radio show about faith and culture, they said many Generation Xers refuse to tell their children about some things they did during their younger days and don’t discipline their children for doing the same things because they’re afraid of being “hypocrites.” Having been there and done that doesn’t make you a hypocrite. It makes you older, but hopefully wiser.