My turn: Much is beyond our control

Let’s face it. Much of life is beyond our control.

We can put ultra-effort into trying to accomplish a goal. Then, some jerk — because of innate talent, physical appearance or connections — achieves it without breaking a sweat.

Some think that they are sacrificing earthly pleasures for heavenly rewards.

Others enjoy those pleasures guilt-free, yet are as kind, moral and compassionate as the doctrinal sacrificers.

In reality, many who think that they are practicing self-abnegation are never exposed to actual temptations.

When they are, morals can become ephemeral.

It’s easy to judge those who succumb. But, visualize being in their shoes. How different it is when we are the ones with easy access to enticements.

We praise Prince William (Mountbatten-Windsor) for his grace in interacting with his future subjects. But how much credit does he deserve for being born into a world of privilege and adoration?

How much blame does a poor, uneducated citizen (or non-citizen) — who works tirelessly to support their family — deserve for not being imbued with social graces and standing?

Yet, it is often only genetic fate that separates the prince and the pauper.

We idolize one; cast stones toward the other.

And the beat goes on.