RGH celebrates anniversary with health fair

Argen Duncan

Community members took advantage of free or low-cost health screenings, physician consultations and a chance to check out a medical helicopter during the Roosevelt General Hospital Health Fair on Saturday.

The fair celebrated RGH’s 10th anniversary.

“I thought it was very informative,” said attendee Orlando Shelly. “I’m so glad they came out to answer some of our questions. And I’m so excited: My vision is better than I thought it was — with my glasses on.”

Ashley Brunson, who came with Shelly, said everyone was friendly, the health tests were informative and there were lots of free items available. Attendee Paula Hill said the fair was a good opportunity to double-check one’s health.

Participants who had blood drawn in advance could pick up results of lab tests, and free screenings for such things as blood sugar, vision and lung function were available Saturday. Attendees could also visit with a pharmacist about possible medication interactions, as well as talking with doctors about their screening results and medical history.

“I think a lot of people have really enjoyed the opportunity to just sit down and chat with a physician,” said RGH CEO Larry Leaming.

Hospital employees volunteered their time to run the fair.

AeroCare brought a helicopter and provided information about the company’s capabilities and a membership program that offers assistance with air lift expenses, said Bobby Sanchez, a representative of the company.

“I think people were enlightened on what our capabilities are, and there is some interest in our membership program,” he said.

Leaming said the fair was great, and his was satisfied with the turnout for the first year, when people didn’t know quite what to expect. He hopes to make the fair an annual event and attract large numbers through word of mouth.

“We kind of felt like the best celebration of our birthday was giving back to the citizens of Roosevelt County who made this hospital possible,” Leaming said.