My turn: Years at L.L. Brown helped mold me

I saw a comment posted on the Internet this week, asking about fond memories from school.

It caused me to think and really reflect on what memories I had from school.

Part of the difficulty, is that I have been out of school for a long time. I have many good memories of childhood friends, and teachers that really made an impact.

After thinking of my years at L.L. Brown, I began to remember a part of those years that really helped to mold me.

When I attended L.L. Brown, it was a neighborhood school, all six grades were there. When a student got to the sixth grade, they had a possibility of being elected to the high office of crossing guard.

That meant that you wore a plastic belt and cross piece that designated you as such, and you were responsible for all of the younger grades crossing the street safely to the playground. I remember serving in that position a few times while in sixth grade. I proudly wore my belt, and took my place at the crosswalk, and made that pathway safe.

I can honestly say, there were no students injured in that crosswalk on my watch.