Budding talent

Two Portales residents connected across generations to contribute to the Roosevelt County Fair flower show this year.

Jacqualyn Flores, 7, was feeling down because her brother and sister were showing animals in the fair, but she had nothing to enter.

“So I told her she was going to be learning how to make arrangements with flowers,” said Mary Clotfelter, 88, Jacqualyn’s neighbor.

Clotfelter said it’s good for children to start arranging flowers young.

“And she made a lovely arrangement,” Clotfelter said.

Not only did one of Jacqualyn’s two arrangements take second place, but she intends to enter again next year. Clotfelter, who won blue ribbons for her arrangement and flower samples, plans to give more lessons to Jacqualyn and her older sister, who became interested.

Flower show superintendent Patrice Tompkins said the event had more than 100 entries this year. Although the number is lower than in previous years, Tompkins said, she was impressed to see that many entries, given the harsh weather this year.

“I was impressed with the quality this year, especially for the weather,” she said.

Clotfelter said she had fewer flowers and lower quality because of the hard winter freeze and the heat and dryness this summer.

Tompkins said the flower show is an important part of the fair, giving people who are proud of their gardening a chance to compete and receive recognition for their talent.

Beverly Baugh of Portales won Best of Show and first place with her African violets.

Clotfelter said she started arranging flowers 40 or 50 years ago, learning from her participation in a garden club. She likes the different interpretations of designs.

“It’s amazing — just the position of the flower can make a different arrangement,” she said.

Clotfelter said she’s always had a love of flowers and likes what she grows.

Jacqualyn said she liked flower arranging a lot and she had learned about the different shapes arrangements can take. This year, her second-place arrangement features zinnias, marigolds, iris leaves and greenery.

“It’s mostly all we have in our garden, and they’re the prettiest we have in our garden,” Jacqualyn said.

Jacqualyn said her mother gave her ideas and Clotfelter contributed the iris leaves.