Letter to the editor: Portales doctor needs support from community

Portales doctor needs support from community

Dr. Patricia Green, a licensed physician, has helped many people in the Portales area at no cost to them. She often made house calls.

Dr. Green is presently in jail near Albuquerque without bail. She is awaiting a sentencing hearing.

She has helped disabled people win disability claims when these disabled were faced with obstacles in the claims process.

Her home is not fancy and it is in a below-average neighborhood. She has lived a modest life.

She has given of herself tirelessly and with little monetary reward for many years to our community. She is now financially ruined.

She has a new, competent attorney in Albuquerque. Her attorney has asked for letters from people who love Dr. Green.

These letters would speak of Dr. Green’s kindness and giving attitude.

Her attorney is attempting to get Dr. Green released on bail and a new trial.

Hopefully, our community can see her return and resume her medical practice.

A letter from community residents will go a long way toward helping Dr. Green.

You don’t have to be an expert letter writer or even have good handwriting to help. Typing service, e-mail, and fax are available at no cost.

The deadline for letters to reach Dr. Green’s attorney is Sept. 9.

Please phone me at 575-226-6440 so that I can give details and assistance.