My turn: Look to childhood for stress busters

Sometimes I don’t like being a grown up. There are tough times when you do what you need to do then there are tough times when you stop and think, “But I don’t wanna!”

I’ve had these moments a lot lately. I have been continually stuck inside doing what has to be done when what I really want to do is be outside on a swing or skipping rocks on a lake.

Having experienced these thoughts lately, it occurred to me this week that even as adults, people often revert to the simplest forms of childlike entertainment for comfort when times are tough.

Someone has a stressful work week then they spend their Saturday taking their children to the park to throw a Frisbee or playing old school video or board games with their friends.

My childlike guilty pleasure is coloring. When grown up times get tough, there’s nothing I love more than going home and pulling out a box of crayons. I have no doubt I will be teased for admitting this, but I would definitely recommend to anyone that they not underestimate the power and joy of the simplest forms of childlike entertainment.