Yam Theatre to host music series

Alisa Boswell

New entertainment is coming to Portales in the form of a new music series at the YamTheatre.

The Yam Music Series will include a band performance at the theater once a month with the series beginning Sept. 20 and running through March.

According to Sandy Van Der Veen, promotions coordinator for the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce, the series will include various genres of music.

“Joseph Sanders had the position before I did and he had a whole list of things he wanted to do with the Yam Theatre and on that list was the music series,” Van Der Veen. “The end of July, I started really pushing to get that music series done. I presented it to the MainStreet Board and they were okay with it.”

Van Der Veen, who has been coordinator since June 1, said the purpose of the series is to bring more entertainment and activities to the local area.

“I really do like the Yam Theatre and I really do believe in activities going on after 5 o’ clock in Portales,” Van Der Veen said. “It’s something that’s for everyone, no matter what age you are. And it’s safe, good old fun.”

The first band to play for the series this month is Constant Halo, a local Christian band.

“We’re excited because one, we haven’t played many shows in Portales and two, it’s an actual concert venue,” said lead singer Joey Porter. “When you first start out, you just play wherever you can but to play rock music successfully, you need a captive crowd.

“The theater encompasses the concert feel; it has lights that will go with the rock music and so on.”

Porter said his band has played at the Java Loft in Clovis and at Eastern New Mexico University for small shows. Their larger shows have been in places such as Las Cruces and Muleshoe.

“We’re excited to help and hopefully, we can help generate some revenue for the Yam,” Porter said. “The music scene around here is limited to a few bands, so we are definitely excited to add to that and create a different genre of music for local residents.”

Van Der Veen said the series is a win-win situation for the whole community.

“It will help bring activity to downtown,” Van Der Veen said. “I hope that it will bring people of all ages and once it starts and becomes a big thing, I’m hoping merchants will be encouraged to stay open later, so people will see oh, look, they’re there.”

She said tickets at the door are $5, so the show gives local residents affordable entertainment and allows local musicians to get there names out to the public.

“I’m excited that there is stuff going on in downtown Portales and I’m nervous, because I really hope that it helps local musicians and just really gets things going on downtown Main Street,” Van Der Veen said.