ENMU hosts casino night

By Jillian Holbert: PNT correspondent

Pink, black and white balloons littered the dance floor at Eastern New Mexico University’s Grease the World event Wednesday night, which was a casino/dance night and included an assortment of snacks.

Students dressed as “greasers,” portrayed in the film “The Outsiders,” in assorted 1950s outfits with modern twists.

Christian “Trixtan” Gomez used the night to promote his slight-of-hand card tricks.

“This trick has become part of my repertoire and what I do and my work,” Gomez said.

Inspired by his uncle, who is currently serving in Iraq, Gomez wandered from table to table, drawing attention away from the music and the card games with his magic tricks. By the end of the night, students had sought out Gomez to see his card trick.

With a mixture of hip-hop, country, 1950s classics and songs from “Grease,” no one’s taste was excluded. Students performed dance steps to “Cotton Eyed Joe,” “The Electric Slide” and the “Cupid Shuffle.” Some students broke out into a chorus as Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” rang out over the speaker system.

The casino theme of the night was supplemented with two types of poker, blackjack and bingo. Before entering the ballroom, students signed up and received an assortment of playing chips.

“Casino night is designed for students to have a little fun at Eastern and just relax, to play cards and poker and win prizes,” said Susan Cramp, advising center director.

Balloons popped as the dance closed, chairs took the place of dancers and the auction began. Students who managed to gamble their way to hundreds of dollars in plastic entered into a bidding war at the end of the night.

Among the top prizes were a Wii , a television and a bicycle with a tire pump and lock.