New walking trail good to begin exercise

There will be a plethora of articles and columns about Sept. 11. I do not choose to ignore that, I simply focus on something else.

I am not unpatriotic — not at all or in any way. The pain is very real, and the resolution we as a nation should maintain, is also very real. God bless the survivors, and God rest the victims; God make us stronger as a nation, whatever our area or background. Amen.

I choose to focus on the thread I started last week, encouraging local adults to exercise, because I had a chance to try out the newly opened Goodwin Lakes walking trail, just north of Manana on Prince St. It is more than worth one’s while to try this 1 1/8 mile, tarmac paved path. This path is dog friendly, though not orse or bicycle friendly.

It weaves through a patch of woodland, or rather to the right of a patch of woodland, then proceeds in a circular manner, ending the walker up at the same place where he or she got on. I was checking out the path at twilight, so was able to get a different perspective on it. Technically, of course, it closes at that time, but a number of people were already on it, me included.

There was something differing, a different perspective, to the familiar lights of Bahama Buck’s as one came down the last quarter mile and saw that snowcone place across Prince St. It was, for me, less taken for granted.

Let’s get it straight at the outset — you make of something what you will. If you cannot possibly be content hiking in an area where there are no rivers, no streams, no mountains, no conifers, then you will not be content. These things do not exist here. There is, as the name indicates, a lake, but at this time I didn’t see any water in it.

I only know there is a lake because last summer, last wet summer, before there was a walking trail, Mikayla and I rode our bikes down there.

However, the trail is well constructed, makes use of scenery, is comfortable to walk on, and is decently measured in length.

It took some hard work, and some hard discussion I suppose, to get this piece of land set aside for public use.

I am reminded of something someone said to me a couple of years ago, in relation to someone’s attitude. My friend shared with me her perception that there were some people here who simply didn’t want to be here, weren’t willing to see the good in the area, and spent all their time wishing they were somewhere else.

Such people will no doubt complain the trail is “unscenic,” as indeed it does not have things like a creek that it could not possibly have.

Get over it. It does have a nice finish, a measured distance, and as much variety of scenery as the planners could include.

As a diehard snowcone fan, I will always look forward to that last one-quarter mile, when you can see Bahama Buck’s lights.

Give it a try. It would be a fine place to start exercising.