County to restart quarterly luncheons

Alisa Boswell

The Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce is restarting its tradition of quarterly luncheons at noon Tuesday at Vines restaurant.

Chamber President Chris Wood said the event is not just open to business owners but to any Roosevelt County resident who has a passion and interest in local communities.

“A lot of people don’t know you don’t have to be a business owner to be a member,” Wood said. “I would really encourage community members to attend and see what the chamber is about.”

Chamber Director Karl Terry said the chamber used to have monthly luncheons several years ago then started quarterly luncheons, the last one being held around 2006.

“People are busy so it’s not always possible to come to a workshop,” Terry said. “But people can get information from the luncheon and rub elbows with the business community.”

Terry said the purpose of the luncheon is to get the community, especially the business community, to connect with other community members and business owners to share thoughts and ideas with each other for their businesses and the community at large.

“It makes our business community stronger and the chamber stronger when we have people interacting together,” Terry said. “If people aren’t a member, we want to convince them to be involved. I want to make it interesting and make it mean something to the people attending.”

Terry said the guest speaker for Tuesday’s luncheon will be Col. Albert Elton II, commander of Cannon Air Force Base, who will talk about what is going on with Cannon and how the Portales can be more involved with the local military community.

“Between ENMU and Cannon, those are the two engines driving us right now,” Terry said. “The importance of having Col. Elton here is Cannon’s growth is transforming our community. We need to build all the bridges we can to make them feel welcome and to help Cannon succeed in all their missions.”

Terry said the chamber plans to continue the luncheons regularly and he hopes Col. Elton will be a regular guest.

He said other than the event being a time for the business community to mingle and visit with each other, there will be a special recognition at the event and door prizes.

“We’re excited about bringing the luncheons back and we hope to continue it regularly and continue to have exciting speakers,” Wood said. “I think the luncheons offer business owners the opportunity to connect with each other and network and exchange ideas. Karl has a lot of ideas for business owners.”