Police blotter — Oct. 5

Samplings of recent calls made to Portales law enforcement, according to police reports:


• At 2:30 a.m., an officer observed a vehicle park illegally on the side of the road. When the driver stepped from the vehicle, the officer observed him stumbling and an odor of liquor coming from him. The man told the officer he believed he was pulled over because he was drunk. The man told the officer he had been drinking and agreed to submit to a field sobriety test. The man was arrested for driving while intoxicated.


• At 6 p.m., two officers were dispatched to East Brazos in reference to two disorderly males. A man told officers that two men were causing loud disturbances next door. He said the two men were always drunk and would swear at his children. The two men were drinking and one told officers he was going to have someone pick him up.

When the man walked by the complainant and his children, he spoke to the children in a threatening manner. The children said they did not know what the man would do when he approached them, but they were scared. Officers arrested the man for disorderly conduct.


• Just after midnight, two officers were dispatched to South Avenue B in reference to criminal trespassing. A woman told officers that a man had been harassing her and showed the officers the text messages she sent him, telling him to not come to her home. The man threatened to kick her door down. The woman told her neighbor she was afraid the man was coming to her house.

The neighbor began to walk to her house when he saw someone in her backyard. The man walked from the backyard to the front yard and the neighbor told him he needed to leave the property. The man refused and kept continually chest bumping him. The neighbor told officers the man appeared to be drunk and he took the man to the ground to keep him from doing anything else. The man hit his head on the cement when he fell.

Officers called an ambulance to the scene to check the man’s head then advised the man they would be issuing a warrant for his arrest for criminal trespassing.