My turn: There’s always next year

I like the end of baseball season. Not necessarily because it is over, but because of the World Series.

Sometimes a team that starts off kind of slow can pick it up toward the end and next thing you know they are in the playoffs. Then with another win or two, they are in the World Series. That is the time that jerseys and hats come out to support that favorite team.

If a guy, or a gal, really supports a favorite team, it is easy to tell. You can get jackets, T-shirts, hats, towels, flags and license plate covers, all showing your favorite team.

The only problem with having all of those things for a winning team, is you might have it for a losing team next year. Some teams have a slogan, “we’ll get em next year.” They might still be waiting to next year, for a long time.

If you got a jersey with the name of a favorite player on it, he might get traded the next season and you would need another jersey.

Maybe if we just Velcro that name on the back, we could change it out if they trade off our player. That might work better that trying to dye the jersey a different color.

Sure beats getting a tattoo.