My turn: Prize wins turned into computer woes

“Hit any key to continue.”

It seems that every time I have a deadline or project that just has to be finished, something goes wrong with my computer.

It might have something to do with the fact that I always look into all of the pop-ups that show up on my screen. It is too risky not to. I may have won a million dollars or the trip of my dreams. I also have a new iPad, an iPhone and a case of soda coming in any day now. You can’t imagine all of the really neat things you can get just by just clicking on those little arrows.

Now after all of those free gifts, my computer is running like an old Commodore 20. I can handle the slow down, but I am not sure when to give up and start over again or when to let the program continue to load. I look at that little hour glass and wait and wait and — OK! Enough is enough! I hit the control-alt-delete combination and wait again.

Now it says “hit any key to continue.”