My turn: A little prayer always helps

You’ve heard the saying, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” But what if you buy a lemon?”

I’ve been shopping for a good used car. This experience reminds me of when a car of mine was totaled by a drunken driver who rear-ended me in 1999.

My insurance company only reimbursed me for the Blue Book cost of my car, which started depreciating the minute I left the lot with it. I owed more than the car was worth. Most used cars cost more than they’re worth.

I’m not looking to start a lemonade business with my next ride, just to get from one writing adventure to the next.

While used car shopping is a mix of who you know and playing “The Price is Right,” a little prayer doesn’t hurt either, perhaps to the right saint. For me, there’s St. Frances de Sales, patron saint of writers and journalists, and St. Christopher, patron of travelers. Sorry used car salesmen; didn’t find a patron saint for you.

When car shopping, it also helps to have the perfect bumper sticker picked out beforehand. I have a bright canary yellow bumper sticker (notice I didn’t say lemon yellow) with a black cross, a dash of white and blue, which says to pray. Just pray I find the perfect car to match.