My turn: Geology rocks

By Helena Rodriguez: PNT columnist

My niece, Marili, was telling me and my other niece, Mireya, how challenging her college geology class has been. I was like, “geology?” And my eyes lit up.

Of course, when I was Marili’s age, I couldn’t care less about the sciences. I guess I’m trying to make up for lost years now. I’ve become a research buff on history, media, religion, literature, and I’m even open to the earth sciences, and so I thought I was clever when I blurted out, “geology rocks!”

Marili and Mireya burst out laughing. Marili thought it was cute. But Mireya, who is not as science-challenged as us, rolled her eyes and said, “Helen, I expected something more intelligent than that from you!”

I guess that was a compliment. I mean, I do pride myself as being a veteran journalist who avoids clich