My turn: Some pets just like family

I saw an online web poll on the Portales News-Tribune website,, and it really made me think.

The survey question was, “Do you consider your dogs or cats as members of the family?” After thinking about it, I don’t think that I do. I do not expect my dog to carry out the trash, although on accession she does spread it around. I do not try to find her a job, or make her pay rent, or do any of the household chores that take place.

I have known people who really did treat their pets like family. I am not going to mention names, but it is my mother. Mom always made sure that her dog had a comfortable place to lay down, and any time there were leftovers, they were for her dog. She would ask the dog if she wanted to go for a ride, and then take her for a little spin around town. I don’t think her dog knew any little tricks to do for a treat, but she really did not need to. She got plenty of treats without them.

I think our pets play an important part of our lives. I hope that they feel as needed as much as we need them in our lives