My turn: Family can always turn stress into fun

Alisa Boswell

I’ve been learning the last two weeks how to find the humor in a situation which is breaking my heart.

After being within a 20-minute drive of my parents my entire life, I am finally having to say goodbye as they pack up my childhood home and prepare to make their big move to Florida.

One of the things I treasure about my close-knit family is we can always find the fun in situations which are stressful and emotional.

The other day, my dad walked through their house convinced that my mother had taken something of his and moved it just to discover it was right where he had left it and had walked by it about three times. I watched them bicker for a minute then my mother saw the item and pointed it out. The three of us froze, looked at each other for a moment then fell over laughing.

Since I am so close to my parents, I know part of my heart will be leaving for Florida with them the end of this month, but I thank God every day that my mom and dad can, without fail, make me laugh despite this. That and I have a big family Thanksgiving dinner to look forward to before they leave.