Letter to the editor: Rural communities need post offices

Rural communities

need post offices

The U.S. Postal Service is losing lots of money. People are using the Internet to pay bills and to communicate. The postal service is having to deliver mail to more people, but those same people are buying less stamps.

Did the postal service or the postmaster general not see this coming?

One of the ways the postal service wants to help rectify the situation is to close certain post offices in the U.S. that meet certain criteria. They are looking at closing five small post offices in Roosevelt County: Causey, Dora, Pep, Rogers and Milnesand.

All the residents in those areas would then be put on mail routes.

Another proposal would be to stop all Saturday delivery. Another is to have some post offices open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and some Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

These are hard economic times for all of us, especially in our area with the drought we are in. Closing rural post offices is not the answer.

These small towns need their post office and the people who work there need that job!

My Grandma Cathey, my mother and my wife’s Grandma Harper all retired from the USPS. I feel the USPS should do all they can to keep rural post offices open, and only close them as a last resort.

I urge everyone to write the postal service and to write or call out our congressmen:

Ben Lujan 575-461-3029, Jeff Bingaman 1-800-443-8658, Tom Udall, 505-346-6791.

For the postal service send comment to: Discontinuance Coordinator Arizona District 4949 East Van Buren St. Phoenix, AZ, 85026-9998.