My turn: Don’t need snow for sled

I have been looking at lots of ads for the upcoming holiday.

I have been amazed at the amounts and types of toys that are offered. I do not remember having things like that when I was a kid.

I also think that the best toys were the ones we made. I had always wanted a sled. I had seen movies of people riding sleds down a hill and having a great time.

I think the biggest reason I never got one was I was raised here in eastern New Mexico. There were not a lot of opportunities to ride sleds around here. The best opportunity for a sled was riding down the sand dunes at Oasis State Park. There really were sand dunes there, and one of the best ways to ride them was on a piece of cardboard.

My grandfather worked for the state highway department, and always had access to a pretty decent caliche hill. I found a piece of culvert, that was big enough to get inside of, got it to the top and got inside. I had no idea how fast I was going to roll down that hill.

When I finally hit bottom I was thankful to be alive. The next year I was asking for a sled.