My turn: Hometown girl pays tribute to her roots

Sandy Fields is a true daughter of Portales, granddaughter of the peanut-growing Bordens and the furniture-selling Caltons. She and her contractor husband, Gary, were sweethearts at Portales High School 30 years ago.

They travelled the world together before they came home in 2002 to build the big red barn on East 16th Street that contains their home and office.

This hometown girl also has a knack for words and a passion for writing. Because of it, she has several thousand virtual acquaintances from five continents, 40 countries and 977 cities across the USA and around the world, who like to electronically drop by a few times each week to visit her blog (an online journal) called “My Field Days.”

With carefully chosen words and beautiful photos, Sandy pays tribute to her roots, revels in small town life, cherishes friends and family, and delivers short, touching discourses on the simple pleasures she finds all around her.

If you’re not already a fan, I recommend a visit to or “My Field Days” on Facebook. (If you’re baffled, ask a teenager or a librarian!)

As we enter the hectic holiday season, Sandy’s words are like much-needed balm for the heart and soul. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.