Police blotter — Dec. 7

Samplings of recent calls made to Portales law enforcement, according to police reports:


• At 7:42 p.m., an officer was dispatched to Lindsey Park in reference to three male subjects in a vehicle. Dispatch advised the officer that the men were trying to force a female subject into the vehicle. On his way to the scene, the officer passed the vehicle then turned to pursue it.

The male driver he told officers he was nervous because he had a revoked license and had a few beers that night. The man was arrested for evading and driving with a revoked license.

• At 9:55 p.m., an officer was dispatched to South Avenue I and Third Street for a vehicle crash. A silver Ford Mustang was parked on the grass in a driveway. It had crashed into a Red Saturn parked legally on the street, hit a gold Malibu parked in a driveway.

The driver of the Mustang said it started to snow, so he had turned on his windshield wipers but they were “messed up” and he couldn’t see where he was going. He said he hit one vehicle , jumped the curb and must have hit another vehicle.

The man said the residents in the house said they were calling the police, so he waited. He said he came from a friend’s house on Highway 467.

The officer observed the man’s eyes were bloodshot, his speech was slurred and he could not maintain his balance. The man eventually admitted he had nine to 10 beers.

The officer administered a field sobriety test. The man arrested for driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor.


• At 8:33 p.m., an officer was dispatched to East Amazon in reference to a domestic incident. Upon arrival, a woman was standing in the driveway. She told the officer she and her husband had had an argument when she arrived home.

She said he came into the room threatening her that he would “knock her head off” if she did not turn the television down.

She said he attempted to punch her in the face, but she ducked and tried to run from the house. She felt something hit her right arm.

The husband told the officer he didn’t do anything to his wife. He had a broken hip and had been sleeping. The man said he wanted his wife to leave the home and when the officer said she didn’t have to, the man became angry.

He told the officer he had a lot to drink that night.

After taking a statement from the woman, the officer arrested the man for battery against a household member.

When looking for the man’s shoes to transport him, the officer located one by the front door. The man told him he must have thrown it at the dog.