Meetings watch —

Freedom New Mexico

At a meeting Wednesday of the Eastern Plains Council of Governments board:

• Executive Director Sandy Chancey reported on the status of state and federal audits and monitoring of Workforce Development programs. She noted that EPCOG has informed the Workforce Development board that her agency will cease to serve as the fiscal agent on June 30. She said Workforce Development has sought RFPs from other agencies to serve as fiscal agent and responses from potential agents are expected Jan. 17

• Chancey told the board that EPCOG is working with six other council of government agencies to draft proposals on capital outlay reform. This is in response to a request from the governor. Chancey said the goal is to change the way the Legislature disperses state money to local communities for their projects. Under the present system, Chancey said, who gets money for projects is largely determined by political clout in the Legislature. Chancey said the group is looking at developing something similar to a scoring system based on need the state now uses for determine school funding.

• Heard a representative from J.L. Gray Co. propose taking over management of EPCOG’s Rio Pecos affordable housing HUD-subsidized rental units in Santa Rosa. The 24-unit apartment complex barely breaks even each month, according to EPCOG’s Renee Ortiz. EPCOG Vice Chairman Caleb Chandler questioned why the agency was in the housing business. Chancey said it was a program started many years ago. Chandler asked to see a breakdown of cost figures at the next board meeting and the matter was tabled.

• Adopted a resolution in support of Tre Amigas, which plans to build a distribution supercenter near Clovis. The supercenter would connect the nation’s three major electrical power grids and construction is expected to start early next year.