My turn: Must find out what happened to office fish

About three weeks ago, I had a week where everything that could go wrong was going wrong. My coworkers saw me frustrated more than once and may have seen me expressing it at times.

With my well-known love for toys, Victoria Garrett acted as morale booster and gave me a small grow-your-own fish tank. This is exciting to those who aren’t allowed to have the live office gerbil they so desperately want.

Coworker Robin Coffey and I filled the tank with water and everyone in the office spent the next week checking the tank every day to see if the fish had grown. We even named our fish Pulitzer and Prize and Coffey put a picture on Facebook.

Then only two weeks after our fish had arrived, we walked into the office to find they had disappeared overnight. Despite our sadness, we haven’t given up hope and we have already put out another tank. Any information regarding this horrible fish-napping tragedy would be appreciated. We tried to file a police report but for some reason, they just laughed.

In other entertainment news, there is another mystery dinner at Vines tonight at 7 p.m. and there tickets are available for $35, so check it out.