My turn: Leaps of faith require trust

We’re only days away from 2012.

Although 2011 was a particularly challenging year, it’s ending with welcome change, due largely to my belief that God’s love is unchanging.

Through good times and bad times this past year, I’ve felt an inner, uncharacteristic sense of assurance that things, although seemingly going from bad to worse, were going to get better, much better, and they did. I spent a large part of the year unemployed, but through humbling experiences I hope I’ve gained a wealth of insight which make me feel richly blessed and thankful for these buds which first pricked at me like thorns but became unexpected roses, which bloomed in the cold of winter.

In 2011, I saw my grandson, Giovanni, take his first steps. I also learned to trust and be lifted up, first by taking baby steps, like Gio. These led to greater leaps of faith.

These leaps of faith require a trust that you are exactly where God wants you to be right now. Another part is looking at the big picture with the added challenge of living one day at a time, “un dia a la vez.”

Finally, what sometimes looks like a temporary setback or a going back to square one is actually a move ahead… in another direction.