My turn: Kindle not as comforting

This is my next to the last column before saying goodbye to you, my Portales readers. Before my ode to peanut butter milkshakes and minus one grouch, let’s talk about Kindle.

Uncle Manny and Aunt Matilda gave me a Kindle for Christmas. I love my handheld library. However, I miss highlighting things with real highlighters.

My editor in Hobbs said his Kindle saves bookshelf space. But there’s something comforting about a backdrop of hard covers.

This got me thinking about the fate of newspapers, you know, that pre-technology “lap-top;” the newspaper fit nicely and still does, across your lap, as you sip coffee.

Like the 1980s song, “Video Killed the Radio Star,” some say the Internet will spell the demise of newspapers. But I recently returned to full-time journalism. I’m convinced people still want news in a form that can feel.

They want something to hold on to, read, and maybe even start a fire with later. People also want to feel their news on an emotional level. And so it gets my adrenaline going to soak my pen and sink my heart into a moving human interest story.

I’m proudly old school. My Kindle won’t replace my books. The Internet won’t replace newspapers and the ink in my blood won’t dry.