Three of four city council seats challenged

Christina Calloway

Incumbents are being challenged in three of four Portales City Council seats in the upcoming March 6th election after filings Tuesday at the city clerk’s office.

Only Ward C Councilor by Leo Lovett is unchallenged.

“I ran again because Portales is a great community,” Lovett said. “It’s a great place to raise your family and I want to continue to give back. My main goals are finding family entertainment for Portales, working on the progression of parks and recreation and continuing industrial park expansion.”

Lack of family recreation and entertainment and water conservation were values stressed by many candidates

“I was a city employee for 27 years and I just retired from the water department,” said Ward A candidate Michael Lucero. “Given my background working for the city, I just want to give something back to the community and be on the other end. I’d like to see more conservation of water and implement some measures to do so.”

Ward D incumbent Keith Thomas, seat who was appointed a year ago when the seat was vacated, was adamant about staying around.

“I’m not finished, I think we have a lot more to do,” Thomas said. “I’m so active in the community, I know what the people want and I want to give it to them.”

The incumbents all have plans to continue their work if they remain in their seat but a few candidates who feel their younger age is an advantage in the race, say they’re ready to offer something new.

“Fresh ideas are always good because perhaps some ideas haven’t been heard and I want to get more involved and see the growth of Portales continue to be positive,” said local businessman and candidate for Ward B Matthew Hunton.

Donovan R. Finley, contesting the Ward A seat, is another new politician eager to serve.

“I’m a younger person who wants to pursue my civic responsibility with Portales,” Finley said. “Recently there was an election that affected the town, and only 600 people were involved. I’d like to bring the youth out so they can have a say and impact the community like other groups do.”