My turn: I’ve met my match

More new entertainment comes into my office all the time, whether it’s fake fish, rubber cockroaches, hacky sacks or voodoo dolls of my bosses.

OK, so maybe I’m the source of most of the sarcasm, toys and childlike behavior that come into the office, but there are worse ways to lighten a work day, right?

I realized Thursday I’ve met my match with sarcasm and jokes in Editor David Stevens. He’s always got a comeback waiting for me. After making a joke to Stevens one day that I dealt with boss problems by stabbing my editor voodoo dolls, he continued the joke on Facebook with comments bouncing back and forth between us.

I went that extra length after finding miniature yarn dolls and actually made some voodoo dolls of my four bosses and as always, Stevens had a clever comeback. And they say work can’t be fun.

Speaking of fun, there is a wine tasting/jazz concert Jan. 21at The Vines restaurant in Portales. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the door or in advance. Call Sandy at the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce at 356-8541 for information.