My turn: Beloved character on big screen

I had a lot of fun walking in the Portales Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade Monday. As much as I enjoy attending events for work, it was nice to participate in a community event without a camera and notepad in hand.

I was there for the simple pleasure of joining my fellow Portales residents in honoring a great man. It’s always nice mingling with Portales people. The walk back was less fun since I ate more than one speck of dirt.

I was also able to enjoy seeing the new Sherlock Holmes movie Monday night. Director Guy Ritchie has done a wonderful job modernizing the Sherlock Holmes story while still staying true to Holmes’ lovable eccentricities. Robert Downey Jr. portrays Holmes’ unique mind and quirks beautifully as an actor.

Having started the books at 11 years old, I am a very devoted Sherlock Holmes fan and although the movies could never fully measure up to the literary flare of Holmes’ very detailed personality, they are still a very good cinematic rendition of him. I have not been disappointed, which is saying something as I tend to be picky about movie versions of my favorite books. Don’t even get me started on Spiderman 3.