Residents share Valentine’s Day thoughts

With the holiday of romance approaching, Freedom New Mexico decided to ask Clovis and Portales residents to share some of their experiences with romance and chocolate and what Valentine’s Day means to them. Here were some of the answers we got:

In business:

What is your favorite romantic comedy/romance film?

• Miguel Jermillo, 22, a construction worker from Clovis: “Just Married.”

• Jim Phillips, 49, a truck driver from Clovis: “Moulin Rouge.”

• Linda Linsten, 56, a receptionist from Portales: “When in Rome.”

“My husband and I recently watched it on TV and that one was really cute. It was just cute how she handled all the different guys ‘cause they were so diverse.”

• Shantell Gutierrez, 27, a retail sales associate: “Fifty First Dates.”

• Donald Van Dam, 24, sales associate and server from Portales: A toss up between “You’ve Got Mail” and “Notting Hill.”

“The chemistry between the actors is great, especially in ‘You’ve Got Mail.’ The back and forth between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks makes me laugh.”

What is the most romantic thing your significant other has done for you on Valentine’s Day?

• Cecil Bullion, 29, a college student from Clovis.

“She bought me a new wallet that had ‘I love you’ stamped on it and filled it full of all kinds of family photos. It was really nice.”

• Edna Rodriguez, 21, a sales representative from Portales.

“I came home one night to rose petals and candles everywhere and a romantic comedy.”

Rodriguez is about to have her husband, Mark, back home for rehab after he was in a severe accident.

• Theresa Buckley, 59, a retired resident from Clovis.

“We had a romantic dinner at Red Lobster. He bought me flowers and a teddy bear named Valentine.”

• Sarah Sutton, 20, a college student and receptionist from Portales.

“One time, he asked me for the keys to my car and without even thinking, I said yes. He got into my car and left a balloon with a rose then put a CD in the car and put the volume really loud on a song we both loved. So that was a really sweet day. When I popped the CD out, it said ‘Always thinking of you.’”

Sutton has been with her boyfriend, Alan Kinlund, for three years.

What’s your favorite food/ingredient to mix with chocolate?

• Chris Smith, 38, firefighter from Portales.

“Strawberries. The chocolate is bittersweet and the strawberries are sour sweet, so it’s a good mix.”