Meetings watch: Board of Education

At the meeting Monday in the Administration building, board members:

• Gave recognition to Roosevelt County spelling bee winner Abigail Cameron, a fourth-grader.

• Gave recognition to junior division spelling bee winner Rebecca Christensen.

• Gave recognition to the Portales High School media arts class with Principal Melvin Nusser showing live streaming video of the meeting as an example of what students do in the class.

• Gave recognition to Lindsey-Steiner teachers, students and parents for receiving the Title III Incentive Award in Santa Fe for their bilingual program.

Federal Programs Director Henry Montano said the school was one of 11 to receive the award, which more than 100 schools applied for.

• Heard a report on the District Educational Plan for Student Success from Becky Flen.

Flen said in the plan, school officials look at reading and math proficiency among students who have passed the Adequate Yearly Progress exams and students who haven’t.

• Heard an update on the AdvancED accreditation from Pamela Nelson-Ray.

Nelson-Ray said school faculty members have written their self-assessments based on budget trends, student enrollment, quality of education, programs they offer and regulatory environment.

She said areas they think they are strong in are leadership, resources and highly qualified teachers.

Areas which need to be improved are data and comparing data with other districts, family involvement and meeting AYP standards.

• Approved a waiver of graduation requirements of the New Mexico High School Competency Test for two students.

• Approved the remodeling of the high school cafeteria for $173,503, which has been saved from cafeteria funds over a 12-year period, according to high school officials.

• Approved donations.

Inez Rodriguez donated history books to the school district; Walmart donated 37 kindergarten Kindermats to Brown Early Childhood Center; and a cash donation was made to PHS choir for the purchase of T-shirts.

• Approved a resolution declaring certain assets obsolete and authorizing them for auction.

The items included a VCR, a typewriter and stoves.

• Approved revisions to the Board of Education policy handbook.

• Approved budget adjustment requests.

They approved purchasing two new buses for $39, 644.

• Approved changing the date of the next meeting from March 12 to March 19 and setting the senior honors banquet for April 18.