Entertainment venus unnecessary

I read with interest the Q&A from Ward B candidates Matthew Hunton and Gary Watkins in Friday’s paper. Both are respected in in our community and each deserves to be heard. Both have lived all their lives in Portales and probably know many families in this town.

Each candidate mentioned extremely important issues such as water conservation and economic development, areas that concern our city government and citizens alike.

However, I found it ironic that both mentioned a “quality of life” venue or building. Each candidate found it necessary to look into ways to “find affordable non-alcoholic entertainment” for the city; while in this very newspaper (the very next page) your own Alisa Boswell wrote a column about “mixing up routine.” Her activities included two-stepping, karaoke, the shooting range, comedy acting, reading, sports, and horse riding lessons. All of those can be done without alcohol. Also, on page 13, there is an article about revenues being up (or down) at certain venues here and in Clovis — venues which offer many free events. On the front page there is an article about how “gaming” takes some people away from the world’s problems.

On Page 2 there is an events calender and a picture of three children playing catch in their front yard. People can enjoy family events such as youth, high school and college sporting events, or summer swims and library trips. One could go to one of the several city parks that are virtually empty every day.

My point is that while it would be nice, it’s not necessary for the city of Portales to provide a family entertainment venue at the cost of taxpayers when there is plenty to do already. Folks just have to open their eyes to see.