McGee: Waiting in line can be enlightening

I had to stand in line the other day.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with standing in line, I get into the Zen of it: If I am to stand in line, I will stand in line. In my younger years I would’ve been fuming.

Over time I’ve learned various ways to deal with waiting in line. Some places handle lines by having you take a number. I’d walk into the place and take a number from the number thingy. Let’s say I’d have number 74. I’d look up at the electronic sign that said, “NOW SERVING NUMBER 43.” I’d guesstimate how much time it would take to get to my number, then leave and run errands.

Now you must understand this is gambling. I understand the deal. The deal is if I return before they’ve called my number, I win! If I return and they’ve gone past my number, I lose. There’s no whining, no complaining, I simply take another number and wait.

For those times when you can’t escape standing in line there are things to do to pass the time. You can bring a book to read. And thanks to modern technology, if you have your cell phone you can text your spouse and let them know what a grand time you’re having waiting in line. You can also secretly take pictures of footwear your fellow line-standers are wearing so you’ll have proof people really do wear fuzzy slippers in public.

You might find yourself listening to a woman in line. She’s on the cell phone with a friend saying, “Well if I was back home in New York there wouldn’t be a line.”

I texted The Lady of the House: “Did you know there are no lines in New York City?”

She texts back: “We must move there at once.”

Yes, thanks to modern technology, standing in line can be a learning experience.