Portales resident presented views respectfully

Portales lost a strong voice on Feb. 10 when Kirby Rowan lost his battle with cancer.

We hardly ever agreed with his left-leaning political views, which he often expressed on these pages, but we had great respect for his passion, his kind heart, and his sincere efforts to make the world a better place.

Rowan, 59, effectively argued his points with facts as well as with emotion, but when others were not convinced, he remained respectful and attentive to their views.

The world could use more Kirby Rowans, on the left as well as the right.

Goodbye, friend. Thanks for making us think.

Still leaning libertarian …

We received a letter this week from Portales’ Glenn McCoy who shares our excitement with the newspapers’ new ownership.

“I was pleased to note in the article … that one of the new owners was interested in having the PNT focus more on the Portales community and not treat us as ‘sort of a little sister of Clovis,’” McCoy wrote.

We are certainly committed to reporting more Portales news in the News-Tribune.

McCoy, however, will be disappointed to hear there are no plans to make the PNT’s editorial page “a little less ‘far right.’”

We have not changed our libertarian — limited government — viewpoints and our new owners said they will not ask us to change.

But we will continue to welcome the views of all Roosevelt County residents — left, right, independent, green and more — in letters to the editor and guest columns.

Contact Editor David Stevens at dstevens@pntonline.com if you’re interested in contributing.