Trainer talks horse ownership

Christina Calloway

Wendy Toombs has been around horses her whole life and that love and knowledge for horses transitioned into adulthood.

Owner of Abrazos Adventure, the Horse Connection riding school in Portales, Toombs has researched the cost and care of owning a horse.

She gave a presentation to horse owners and prospective horse owners Tuesday evening at Portales’ Agricultural Expo about responsible horse ownership in difficult times.

Toombs covered the following during her presentation as what she considers essential for horse care: Food, water, health care, time, money, and knowledge of legal responsibilities.

She also encourages developing good relationships with the other people who are important in a horse’s life, including the horse’s feed supplier, the horse’s farrier (specialist in hoof care), and their veterinarian.

“It’s good to know basic anatomy so you can communicate with your veterinarian and your farrier,” said Toombs. “Know how to describe symptoms and it helps to know how to give shots.”

Beyond the basics of what a horse needs, Toombs stresses the liability that comes with owning a horse, something she feels that many horse owners don’t consider when purchasing a horse.

“Horses are kind of like swimming pools; they’re considered to be an attractive nuisance now,” Toombs said. “You need to use as much caution and be as non-negligent as you can.

“When I decided to start the school, I researched case law for several months because I knew this was risky and I wanted to have an idea of what my responsibility was and what my liability potential was.”