Vendors exhibit products at Roosevelt County Ag Expo

Christina Calloway

Local farmers and vendors said they shared an overall enjoyable experience at this year’s annual Roosevelt County Ag Expo.

The two-day event ended Wednesday.

For Roosevelt County farmer and rancher Randy Lieb, the expo presented a great opportunity for him to stay abreast of what new products are available as well as price increases for supplies.

Lieb enjoyed looking at John Deere tractors and seeing what new seeds and farm equipment were there.

Lieb says he was surprised in price increases in seed and fertilizer and the information he received about the scarce availability of hay grazer and seed sorghum forage.

He described his experience as awesome and informative.

“I thought it challenged the Amarillo livestock show,” said Lieb.

From a vendor perspective, Larry Levacy enjoyed his agricultural expo experience this year, despite the smaller turnout of farmers in comparison to last year’s expo.

As an owner of a local sprinkler business, the Portales native attends the expo most years.

Levacy said he supplies a majority of irrigation farmers in Roosevelt and Curry counties year-round with his products.

“We’re just here to meet our customers, tell them we’re here to support them, show them our new products that are coming out and meet with new farmers and dairymen,” Levacy said.

He said he visited with about 10 to 15 customers a day at this year’s expo. Although Levacy saw a lot of foot traffic, he wasn’t sure if the majority of visitors were farmers.

“I think there were probably a lot of town’s people, but some farmers too,” Levacy said. “I think all being together in one building, I think it really made it an excellent show.”

Wayne Baker of the Portales Rotary Club attended the expo this year to help raise funds with their chuck wagon lunch Tuesday.

“The Rotary had one of the best pork chop lunches that we ever had,” Baker said.

The Rotary Club cooked about 700 pork chops and sold out nearly an hour before the lunch was scheduled to end. Baker says that never happened before.