My turn: Facebook is modern day scrapbook

I love social networking … knowing that my neighbors are baking bread, my friends are celebrating birthdays, or my cousins are off to the zoo.
When I was a child, Mrs. Frances Christo provided Portales with just such snippets of information in her News-Tribune column. She kept an eye out for all the goings-on, and I remember giggling with my sister if she phoned our grandparents' house during a gathering. She'd see all the cars lining the street, and we might be sure to get a call from "Christo," as she called herself, to inquire about the event.
Here are some delightful phrases I'm reading in the big scrapbook. "The turkey dinner was announced for noon time and was an occasion of much happiness. Pictures were made of the four generations."
I love being mentioned in this article … the final tiny guest included in a list of more than 30 who were there when "the bountiful meal was announced at 6:30 o'clock. After dinner many of the family members engaged in games of 42." What a wonderful way to say they played 42 after they ate.
Oh my! She was a treasure. Born in 1881, she worked for the News-Tribune into her 90s, giving the community fun little "status updates." Wouldn't she have loved Facebook!
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