My turn: Real life doesn’t mean fighting

As much as I try not to compare my life to reality TV, in this week's episode of my life, I think my house just became "Real World: Portales."

I originally had two roommates and on Sunday, a third one moved in. All of us are very unique, from different places all over the country and the world, and we all have different goals and career aspirations.

I love how "real life" the situation actually is because we don't have a producer staging arguments and fights, or gossiping dinner parties. We're just four people who are trying to save a little money and learn from our differences.

So we may not hit the gym, tan and do laundry together, and we may not party with each other. But at least once a week we may grill in the backyard or order a pizza.

This week I think we all did some much-needed spring cleaning. I went to work on my room and now my furniture is glistening. I love how the sun is my alarm in the morning.

Give or take, we all pitched in to clean the rest of the house and I love how we each bring something to the table with our own life experience.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc., and humor in her spare time. Write her at or find her on Facebook to make suggestions of what she can do in Portales since she's new.

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