Athlete recalls ENMU career

Jennifer Goble-Poyer, one of the most decorated athletes in Eastern New Mexico University history, was in Portales in Feburary for retirement of her basketball and volleyball jerseys.

The San Antonio, Texas native left ENMU’s volleyball squad as the Zias’ career kills leader in volleyball when she graduated (1,687) and still ranks second. The Zias went 105-35 during her tenure and won the 1993 Lone Star Conference title, and she is still the only Zia to be a four-time All-LSC first-selection.

And that was her second sport. She came to play basketball, and finished with the highest career scoring total (1,852), season average (23.9 in 1991-92) and career average (20.4).

She is married to former Zia assistant volleyball coach Sia Poyer. The two have three children and reside near Valdosta, Ga., where he is head volleyball coach at Valdosta State. They have three children.

Goble-Poyer now runs an at-home business, and responded to our Q&A request via email.

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Q: What are your first memories of sports?

A: Trying out for basketball with my best friend in 7th grade and spending most of my time on the bench.

Q: How did you come to attend ENMU?

A: My high school basketball coach, Steve White, was an ENMU graduate — he played golf at Eastern. He mentioned that he thought I would really like Coach Moore, and I have to say he was totally right.

It took me actually coming to Portales and meeting Coach Moore and the team to think this was the place for me. My sister was coming on her recruiting trip, because she was going to transfer from Texas Lutheran College, and I decided to tag along. Frankly, I was just coming for the experience of the trip and to hang with my sister, I didn’t really expect that ENMU would end up being my choice.

Q: How did volleyball come into play?

A: When I first came to ENMU, I had decided that I wanted to focus on basketball. Throughout high school, I played club volleyball and basketball and I just felt like basketball players were just easier to get along with, in general. That attitude didn’t really translate to the (volleyball) team here; they were a great group of young women.

One day, after pre-season basketball practice in one of the side gyms in the arena, I walked by the main floor, heard the sounds of volleyball, and peeked in to see. When I saw them practicing, I remembered how much FUN volleyball was and realized I missed it a lot. I watched for a little while and decided I would do what I could to add volleyball.

Q: Where did you feel you had an advantage regarding basketball?

A: I think a few things gave me an advantage in basketball: