My turn: Fortunate to have friends

My epic St. Patty’s Day weekend didn’t look like the movies “Project X” or “The Hangover” but it was fun. I think that was based on the company I keep.

Since I’ve only been living in the area for about three months, I guess you can consider most of my friends new but I already share a bond with my girls like we made a pact on the monkey bars when we were 5 years old.

Their generosity speaks highly of the people in this area. When I celebrated my birthday back in January, they hardly knew me from a stranger but they still made my day special.

This weekend we were young and free and had a blast. While at a local bar I learned how to two-step to country music from this attractive guy.

I felt like I was 15. They were teasing me because we didn’t exchange numbers but I kept brushing their jokes off.

Later we ended up going to get some late night eats and we ran into the guy with his friends and we screamed like school girls for Justin Bieber.

So yes I have good friends, ones who I can act like a fool with but also there for me during on a deeper scale. I’m fortunate.