My turn: Watch where you’re driving

A couple of locals asked me if I would be writing about my "brush with death" this week. After I laughed I told them, "you know I am."

Out of all the cities I've lived in and visited, I never thought I would get hit by a truck in Portales.

To be clear, I was uninjured, but the fact that the vehicle even made contact with my body had me shaken up.

The intersection of Main and First streets has been a dangerous one. I've seen drivers honking or yelling at pedestrians, but this incident tops it all.

I was headed to cover the Roosevelt County centennial photo Thursday. As I tried to walk across Main, a woman inching toward the crosswalk hit me.

So many people have asked me if I took down a plate number or if I was going to sue. Looking at the big picture, any of that would be pointless. What she did is illegal, but I have a weird sense of compassion and as she speedily drove off, I asked God to bless her.

I was sad because I felt I didn't care that much about myself to stop and really focus on what just occurred. I was so worried about getting the job done, I didn't even stop and process what happened until two hours later.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc. and humor in her spare time. She adds this misfortune to the list of things that only happen to her.

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