Editorial: Random violence historic in number of victims

Eastern New Mexico has seen its share of random acts of violence against innocent people through the years.

Many remember Ola Temple, 80, of Clovis who answered her door to a stranger on Jan. 31, 1986. She was raped and murdered just before her house was set on fire.

But we cannot remember any examples of violence against multiple innocent strangers more brutal and senseless as those perpetrated last Wednesday.

Police say Jimmy Reagan, 31, killed one man, threatened to shoot about a dozen more and sexually assaulted three women in a west-Clovis nightmare that lasted about 45 minutes.

Police are still investigating a motive, but none is apparent in court records filed on Monday detailing Reagan's arrest.

One theory is that Reagan, who has a history of drug abuse, may have been trying to get money to buy drugs. He may have been camping in the area near where Shondel Lofton was killed, but otherwise had no known prior connection to any of the victims.

Court records show Reagan had Lofton's wallet, but do not indicate how much money may have been stolen. District Attorney Matt Chandler said the amount stolen was "not significant."

Unfortunately, the reason for these unconscionable acts against innocent victims may never be known.

We're thankful the tragedy ended without more bloodshed.

Darn it: Just wash mouths with soap

The would-be town without cussing is, somehow fittingly, Middleborough, in the state of Massachusetts where women deemed witches once were executed in the late 17th century.

Luckily, the do-gooders of this 21st century will only fine you 20 bucks if you let loose with a curse word. No graves will be dug.

All this is being done by the good town fathers and mothers in the name of civility.

Residents on Monday voted 183-50 to approve a proposal from the police chief that outlaws public profanity.

Any takers for a 20 spot bet that this law won't clear the blue from the air anytime soon?

Why don't Middleborough's so-called community leaders focus on what legal actions they can take that make good sense without passing a dubious limit on speech that fits their social agendas in hopes of making their ears feel better?

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