Meetings watch: RGH board of trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Roosevelt County Special Hospital District met in regular session Tuesday in the conference room at Roosevelt General Hospital:

  • Eva Stevens, chief financial officer, reported on the financial statements and balance sheet for the month of May. Gross revenue for May was reported as being 5 percent higher than average at $3.5 million. Hospital outpatient and clinic services were above average for the month. Deductions from revenue, the difference between charges and what the insurance company actually pays, and bad debt were significantly higher during the month of May, which resulted in a net loss from operations of $84,328. Year-to-date, the RGH net margin was 3 percent.

Stevens also presented proposals from four audit firms bidding to provide audit services for the hospital.

Board members selected J.W. Anderson & Associates as their official auditor.

  • Anne Grayson, chief of staff, reported on the activities of the RGH medical staff. Based upon the recommendation of the medical staff, the board approved Alexander Matthews and Jerry Robert Troy for privileges in emergency medicine; Krishna Lingala for privileges in pain management; David Stalker for privileges in general surgery; and Lisa Boyd for privileges in anesthesia as a member of the ancillary medical staff.
  • Maxine Montano, chief nursing officer, reported that new hardware and software has been installed to upgrade the hospital CT scanner. This new upgrade has dramatically improved image quality and provides new procedures for the department.

Montano also informed board members that the hospital in-patient department received customer service scores in the 99th percentile over the first quarter of this year. According to an independent survey company, RGH in-patients ranked RGH services higher than 99 percent of comparable hospitals. Montano also reported that hospital staff is training on a new software system to help with utilization review. This new software will provide best practice for appropriate hospital admissions, quality of care and discharge instructions.

  • Aspen Marshall, medical staff credentialing coordinator, presented the board with an overview of the medical staff, credentialing process. She also reported that a new software system will be installed next week to help automate the process. The new system will automatically track databases, licenses and certifications for all medical staff and hospital licensed professionals.
  • Joyce Roberts was also recognized for her leadership in improving the credentialing process.
  • Larry Leaming, chief executive officer, updated board members on physician recruitment activity and noted that a physician is in the process of scheduling for an on-site interview in July.

Leaming informed board members that the after-hours clinic was set to open on July 2 and will be open to all walk-in patients from noon to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday. This service will help ease the burden on the emergency department and help patients receive the care they need at a reasonable cost. An after-hours clinic visit will be treated just like a physician office visit so the patient will likely only be responsible for their physician visit co-pay instead of a large emergency room deductible. Other topics reviewed included emergency room physician staffing and the progress of the RGH Clinic expansion project.

  • Board members entered into executive session to discuss limited personnel matters.

No further action.

— Compiled by Larry E. Leaming, RGH chief executive officer

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