My turn: Ponies are just angels with hooves

For 28 consecutive years, the pony show at the Roosevelt County Fair has included a fuzzy dark buckskin named Leroy, shown by two generations of Joan and Richard Orcutt's family, and familiar to pretty much anyone in the county who owns a saddle.

Leroy died this week at the age of 33 1/2, quite a run for a "one in a million pony" who was bought from the Portales Livestock Auction for $154, according to Joan.

Leroy safely raised the five Orcutt daughters, and a slew of grandchildren as well.

Kid horses are angels with hooves, and the Orcutts know that. While he was a "little ornery when they bought him, Joan said he was never mean. "If the kids were on Leroy, I never worried. They could go all day long and he'd take care of them."

Leroy's death this week reminded me of the kid horses who raised my brothers and me: Geronimo, who came to us as an old horse and survived to ancient because he knew how much we needed him, and Frosty, who made sure my calf-roping brother always had a safe ride.

Happy trails, Leroy. Don't shy from that circle of gold up there. It's your halo.

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